A Voice in the Wind
Black Is The Color
Been On This Train
My first album was 1963. The Producer assigned to my project was Bobby Scott, who wrote “A Taste of Honey”. There I was with my classical voice and folksy guitar facing a great jazz composer. Gulp. What on earth would he decide for me to sing? Turns out he was quite a lover of Irish and English music and was delighted to recall some of his favorites through me. Those were the days! When you could walk in to Columbia Records A&R man’s office and have a live in-person audition.

  All Star Hootenanny 1&2

Hootenanny’s were very popular around that time. Columbia Records compiled several Hootenanny records  with some of their current folk artists. I felt privileged to have been included with the likes of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash  and Pete Seeger. I was also on some Hootenanny television shows.

  Ray Conniff-Live in Japan
I had just finished singing with the Charo Show in Las Vegas, when a member of the Ray Conniff group told me they were auditioning for a clean high voice for their Japan tour. I auditioned at his house in Los Angeles and off I went to Japan! It was a great experience and we were treated royally. The Conniff vocal music was very challenging and wonderfully exciting to sing. Had to always be on your vocal “toes”!! 

  Tiffany Glass - Winds of Space (1970's)
Tiffany Glass
Winds Of Space
I had a wonderful opportunity to sing some Phillip Lambro material, a film and classical composer for whom I have great respect. He liked my ability to sound “child like” on one cut and be intricately precise and agile with my voice on the other. This single is being re-released in June 2006 in the UK, both as a single and as part of an anthology. It’s wonderful to talk with Phillip after all these years! He’s a mentor who gives me advice on my new projects. (Needless to say, he nearly fainted when he first heard my “Cluckoratura” CD.) “Tiffany Glass” and “Winds of Space” have been re-released this year as part of an anthology CD, “Fuzzy Felt Folk”. It’s a charming collection of songs for both adults and children. www.trunkrecords.com

Crypt of the Living Dead
1970’s. I had moved to Seattle WA to work with a film production company, when Phillip Lambro asked me to fly down to LA to record a movie background. I always loved doing spooky breathy singing with studio music, so this fit the bill! This CD has been re-released as of 3/06. People always said I had a “haunting” voice! Well, this is pretty darned scary all right! www.perseverencerecords.com.

Folk Classics - Roots of American Folk Music
This is a great compilation, if I do say so myself! It’s wonderfully “acoustic” with some great artist like Leadbelly, The Carter family, Pete Seeger (and yours truly singing “Black is the Color”). It’s available for sale at several sites. www.sony, www.walmart.

Lifetime Woman
This was a funny experience. While I was singing in Las Vegas, I had sent about 8 songs that I had written to record producers. Most of them were heartfelt women’s songs and a few novelties, but the one that was picked was the only one I’d written from a man’s point of view. David Frizzell sang it as a part of a single recording. It did pretty well and can be found here and there on the Internet. I’m planning on rewriting it from a woman’s point of view, so I can sing it!

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